Black Oak Coffee Roasters: San Diego Buena Vista, Guatemala


I am back with the second coffee sent to me by Ukiah, CA based roasters, Black Oak Coffee. 

Their first coffee I talked about was the Siberia, El Salvador and oh my gosh was that good. For a naturally processed coffee, I found myself surprised to find there not be an explosion of candied fruits and an overly sweet body. Instead, this one was sweet but never overpowering. Just the right balance of sweet. Beautiful coffee!

This one here is the San Diego Buena Vista, Guatemala. I didn’t get a lot of time with it. Not as much as I wanted to, but even still I found this coffee to be pretty killer.

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Passion House Coffee Roasters: Rwanda Lake Kivu Kabirizi


Passion House Coffee Roasters are quickly becoming a good favorite of mine. I’ve only had a few offerings from them, but the few I did have has been nothing short of great. 

I am excited to share one of their other offerings that they had sent me recently, Rwanda Lake Kivu Kabirizi.

Let’s just cut right to it already… 

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Bold Bean Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


I’m back with more coffee from Florida. It’s about time we start seeing some good roasters popping up. Bold Bean Coffee as I mentioned before is based out of Jacksonville, FL and they are doing roasting some really good coffee.

This week I got to try some more. First up, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.

I know I said I was writing off Ethiopian coffees, but then I’d be missing out lovely coffees such as this one here.

Let’s dive in… 

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Black Oak Coffee Roasters: Siberia, El Salvador


Based out of Ukiah, CA, Black Oak Coffee Roasters are a company who strives in making good coffee. Using a culinary approach, Black Oak Coffee sources in small lots and roasts each coffee to ensure that it best showcases the aroma and flavors of said coffee at hand.

Black Oak are the type of coffee companies I like to hearing about. These guys understand coffee, and it seems wine too based on the wine analogies on their site.

Recently, what brought me to trying these guys (besides getting an email offering me coffee) was actually from a fellow blogger. I’ve been seeing quite a few reviews from Drew Moody over at Corner of the Cafe which was the main reason I decided to dive head first and try some coffee for myself.

I am not sure why it has taken me until now to check their coffee out, but then again with all these new roasters popping up it’s hard to keep up and to weed out the good between the mediocre and know who to try and who to avoid.

I am just happy to have broken the long line of not having any coffee from Black Oak Coffee. I am also happy to say that this and maybe the others are quite satisfying… 

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Kuma Coffee: Panama Carmen Geisha


Last year I got to experience A Panama Esmeralda Geisha that not only was Mark’s first geisha offering for Kuma Coffee, but one geisha I really enjoyed. It definitely made one of my favorite coffees of that year. 

Fast forward to 2014, Mark has another Geisha on hand from the same region, but this one happens to be from a different farm. Carlos Aguilera, the farmer behind this lot had planted some geisha coffee about 5-6 years ago and this is the first year that the trees were able to produce enough cherries to harvest which was about 500-600lbs. Mark bought 100lbs which has now unfortunately sold out.

Another cool tidbit is that this coffee placed 4th in the “Best of Panama 2014” competition. 

Let’s see what it has to offer.

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Passion House Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


It has been quite a few months since my last Passion House Coffee. I can’t believe it has been so long. Feels like just yesterday. Mostly I am just thankful that I have great coffee in the house, and more so happy to be enjoying coffee again.

Quick thanks though to the kind folks at Passion House Coffee for sending me a gracious package of coffee to review. 

The last two coffees I had from them left such a positive impression on me that I knew I needed to try more, but with all these up and coming roasters and old ones I have yet to try, some days it’s hard to keep up with everyone and all these great things happening. That’s beside the point though… 

First up is their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere. 

Quick spoiler: this is the kind of Ethiopian coffee that steals my heart.

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The coffee“bean” is really the fermented seed of a cherrylike shrub, and if coffee is roasted carefully and brewed correctly, you can taste the flower and the fruit.

Supersonic Coffee: Ethiopia Wote


I can’t express how excited I am to have more Supersonic Coffee in the house to try. Their last shipment was of some Ethiopia Chelelectu, and it was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t really take notes on the coffee because I was happy just enjoying the coffee rather than thinking about writing about it.

This week, though, I’m sharing my thoughts on this Wote because it is one to talk about.

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Terminus Coffee: Costa Rica Las Lajas


You might know David & Mae, the writers behind the ever so lovely coffee blog, Purista… David & Mae have a knack for writing captivating coffee reviews that make you feel like you’re sitting beside them drinking the coffee at hand. Their reviews make mine feel like elementary chicken scratch. Basically, they have a way with words that have me in awe.

Writing coffee reviews just wasn’t the end game for this married duo. They’ve taken a huge leap forward and have acquired a Huky 500 (a roaster I hope to have in my house some day) and have started a roasting company of their own, Terminus Coffee.

Terminus Coffee is not your average run of the mill home roasting company. To call it a home roasting company is technically correct at this time, but it doesn’t seem fitting for them. I feel like they should be judged like any other roaster no matter the space that the roaster occupies. Big or small, house or shop, Terminus Coffee is here to make some waves…

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Perc Coffee: Carrizal, Costa Rica


Perc Coffee really outdid themselves again with their latest surprise shipment they sent me recently. The Flor de Cafe, Costa Rica was just beautiful. Very flavorful, juicy, never a dull moment with it. I did have a little trouble the first few days dialing it in, but then out of nowhere it finally let me see what it had to offer and from there it was non-stop goodness.

Next up I have their Carrizal, Costa rica which was another coffee I really enjoyed. 

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