A Look At Two New Offerings From Perc Coffee Roasters


Perc Coffee has won my heart over and over again with each coffee they have sent over. I can’t show enough appreciation to the kind folks over there for sending me these surprise coffee packages. Thank you, guys!!

Back to coffee now… I have truly loved every coffee that has been sent to me, and not just the top shelf coffees either.

A couple weeks ago I got two great new coffees to share with you all. I had been working hard on a review for each, but I must experiencing writer’s block because trying to form a review has been terribly hard. Funny that even when the coffee is really good, I still find it hard to put words together to describe said coffee.

I am glad that I at least had some notes written down to at least share with you all what I thought of these two coffees. They are really tasty coffees worth sharing!

*   *   *

Bella Vista, El Salvador

Simple and delicious. Orange, orange, orange everywhere. Tastes like a freshly in season tangerine. A bit of spunk (acidity) to really liven up the tangerine play I’m tasting. Underneath I do find myself tasting hints of caramel. It’s very mild though. Just enough to notice a bit of creaminess to the cup. 

Buttery mouthfeel as cup cools. Oh so creamy and smooth. Finishes off really clean.

* Think of caramel creams, and fresh tangerines with this coffee.

Yirgacheffe Adado, Ethiopia

Candied strawberries and hints of melon come out slowly. Not your average natural processed coffee. While it sure smells like one, it is in fact much more reserved, much more delicate than most of the ones I’ve had in the past.

Taste is the same way. Very delicate, and reserved. Sweet, but also carries an extremely clean finish. None of that sugary sweetness lingers on the tongue. Also the cup is quite juicy for a natural coffee. I mean they’re juicy to begin with, but this seems to go beyond the natural aspect.

* This coffee has the sweet notes of a natural coffee mixed with the acidity and body of a washed.

*   *   *

Perc coffee is really fast tracking it to my favorite roasters list. These coffee’s aren’t as complex as the Finca Kassandra or the Flor de Cafe but that doesn’t make these two any less special or amazing. 

These two coffees shine in their own way, and they are beautiful!

Check these out before they’re gone.

Huckleberry Roasters: Gondo, Kenya


My last brush with Huckleberry Roasters was about five months ago. Out of the three coffees I got to try, I was happy with two out of the three. One of the coffees, the Long Miles Coffee Project: 3 Hills gave me some trouble, but that didn’t stop me from trying out more offerings from the Denver based roaster.

I am happy to be back with a new coffee from these guys. I’ve been eyeing this Gondo, Kenya ever since they announced it as being available for purchase. It is also one of their most complex coffees to date.

I am relieved I didn’t miss my chance at trying it. After having already had a cup since writing this. I’d really kick myself for missing the chance, but good thing I don’t have to think about these scenarios anymore.

Let’s get right down to it now because I don’t think I can wait any longer to share this with you all… 


Info About This Coffee

Coffee/Roaster: Gondo, Kenya / Huckleberry Roasters

Region: Murang’a County, north of Nairobi, Kenya

Farm/Farmer: Gondo Farmers Cooperative Society

Elevation: 1500 meters

Varietal: SL-28

Process: Traditional washing (soaking the coffee for an additional 24 hours before drying)

Harvest Season/Date:

Cost: $18 per 10oz



Kalita Wave (155 series): 15/240g • 206° water • medium fine grind (#18H baratza preciso) • 3:00 total time

Holy cow! The flavors just explode upon hitting your tongue. First I notice lemon which is probably the more pronounced note going. After that, the coffee just jumps to life letting off a grapefruit acidity, followed by a tomato play and then cools off with a caramel sweetness, and raw sugar.

Chemex (paper filter): 30/480g • 208° water • medium grind (#20H baratza preciso) • 3:30 total time

The aroma from the chemex is on the calmer side. I find myself smelling sweet caramel along with a nice array of fruit notes. Up first, peaches, oranges, and a little pink lady apple.

The first sip is sweet like caramel with vanilla underneath. Reminds me of Goetze’s caramel and vanilla cream candies. 

As the cup cools, it opens up better giving a better view of what this coffee has to offer. Lemon is once again the first thing that really pops out at me. It’s not near as explosive as the Kalita, but it’s still quite pronounced.

Next is a mixture of grapefruit and perhaps a pink lady apple acidity coming forth. 

As the cup cools even further, this is where it gets good. It starts off full of light and somewhat mouth puckering, but then it rounds off giving you a beautiful silky mouthfeel with lots of sweet delicious notes like caramel, a little raw sugar, and to throw a punch in for good measure, some tomato in the finish. 

Clever Dripper: 23/350g • 206° water • Medium grind (#21H Baratza Preciso) • Start timer, Pour in 80g of water and gently stir and let bloom for 30 seconds • At 30 seconds in, slowly finish pouring remaining water in • Let sit until timer reaches 1:45 • At 1:45, gently stir and let sit again • At 2:30, put on carafe and drain • 3:15 total time

I’ve had a hit or miss relationship with the Clever this week. When I get the recipe perfect, this coffee shines and is beautiful and so delicious, but when it’s bad, it’s bad.

What I have taste is pretty much the same notes from both methods. It’s probably closer to the Kalita acidity wise and carries a little more depth, longer finish with each note.

We taste bright pink grapefruit, cranberry and stone fruit, with a juicy, but also creamy body.  Gondo also has savory, tomato-like notes to add another dimension to its fruity pop, and rounds out the package with deep, brown sugar sweetness.  ~ Huckleberry Roasters



I think Brian at Abandon Coffee did a better job at really capturing all this coffee has to offer, but I think we are in agreement that this is a really complex coffee.

Overall, really enjoyed this coffee. Would love to try this one again!

You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.

Roasting in proportion - a theory, pt. 1


I recently devoured Scott Rao’s “The Coffee Roaster’s Companion,” which will doubtless produce a few great roasters and a lot of better amateurs. Rao’s forgotten more about roasting than I’ll ever learn, and he raises some game-changing points and proposals in the book. In my experience/opinion,…

Great read for any roaster, even those home roaster’s out there! 

Relentless Coffee: Los Congos, Nicaragua


I am really excited to have another Florida roaster in the house this week. This week we have Miami based roaster, Relentless Roasters.

Found in 2013 by Daniel Choiseul Paguaga and Andre Villarreal, 

Relentless Roasters goes beyond the concept of roasting specialty coffee. It is our tradition, vision and passion for great tasting coffee, fueled by the cultivation of long-lasting relationships with coffee producers, which ensures that our quality standard of coffee is unlike any other. We believe in the notion that every coffee drinker deserves a more enjoyable and educating coffee experience. Because RR cares about responsibly grown and ethically traded coffee, RR views its coffee to have unmatched value not only for the consumer, but equally for the producer. 

I am really excited to check these folks out. They sent me their Los Congos, Nicaragua to try…. 


Info About This Coffee

Coffee/Roaster: Los Congos, Nicaragua / Relentless Coffee

Region: Nicaragua

Farm/Farmer: Los Congos

Producer: Jose Rene Paguaga

Elevation: 1,550 MASL

Varietal: Caturra & Pacamara

Process: Natural

Cost: $14 per 8oz



Beehouse Dripper: 25/375g • 206° water • medium grind (#20H Baratza Preciso) • 2:45 total time

Chocolate, sweet but light aroma. Coming across quite delicate. Underneath tobacco and cherry tones.

Taste is smooth. Chocolate upfront that sweeps clean across the tongue followed by cherries, a hint of tobacco and lemon undertones. 


Clever Dripper: 23/350g • 206° water • Medium grind (#21H Baratza Preciso) • Start timer, Pour in 80g of water and gently stir and let bloom for 30 seconds • At 30 seconds in, slowly finish pouring remaining water in • Let sit until timer reaches 1:45 • At 1:45, gently stir and let sit again • At 2:30, put on carafe and drain • 3:30 total time

Light juicy aroma. Lemon and chocolate fills the nose. Not smelling a whole lot going on.

Light, juicy, medium body. Full of chocolate in the finish. As the cup cools I find some lemon play along with oranges and more chocolate in the finish. Quite the chocolaty cup.

Chocolate, smooth, tangy, lemon, mango and cherry ~



Some cups were a little too heavy, or a little more smoky than I would have preferred. It took me a couple cups, but I found the Clever and Beehouse to be the two best methods.

Sure, I’d be curious to see what a lighter roast would do for this coffee, but as is, it was pretty good. Darker roasts can be good too. (This is more Full City style) Not quite a dark roast yet!

You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.

Black Oak Coffee Roasters: San Diego Buena Vista, Guatemala


I am back with the second coffee sent to me by Ukiah, CA based roasters, Black Oak Coffee. 

Their first coffee I talked about was the Siberia, El Salvador and oh my gosh was that good. For a naturally processed coffee, I found myself surprised to find there not be an explosion of candied fruits and an overly sweet body. Instead, this one was sweet but never overpowering. Just the right balance of sweet. Beautiful coffee!

This one here is the San Diego Buena Vista, Guatemala. I didn’t get a lot of time with it. Not as much as I wanted to, but even still I found this coffee to be pretty killer.

Read my review after the jump…


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Passion House Coffee Roasters: Rwanda Lake Kivu Kabirizi


Passion House Coffee Roasters are quickly becoming a good favorite of mine. I’ve only had a few offerings from them, but the few I did have has been nothing short of great. 

I am excited to share one of their other offerings that they had sent me recently, Rwanda Lake Kivu Kabirizi.

Let’s just cut right to it already… 

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Bold Bean Coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


I’m back with more coffee from Florida. It’s about time we start seeing some good roasters popping up. Bold Bean Coffee as I mentioned before is based out of Jacksonville, FL and they are doing roasting some really good coffee.

This week I got to try some more. First up, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere.

I know I said I was writing off Ethiopian coffees, but then I’d be missing out lovely coffees such as this one here.

Let’s dive in… 

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Black Oak Coffee Roasters: Siberia, El Salvador


Based out of Ukiah, CA, Black Oak Coffee Roasters are a company who strives in making good coffee. Using a culinary approach, Black Oak Coffee sources in small lots and roasts each coffee to ensure that it best showcases the aroma and flavors of said coffee at hand.

Black Oak are the type of coffee companies I like to hearing about. These guys understand coffee, and it seems wine too based on the wine analogies on their site.

Recently, what brought me to trying these guys (besides getting an email offering me coffee) was actually from a fellow blogger. I’ve been seeing quite a few reviews from Drew Moody over at Corner of the Cafe which was the main reason I decided to dive head first and try some coffee for myself.

I am not sure why it has taken me until now to check their coffee out, but then again with all these new roasters popping up it’s hard to keep up and to weed out the good between the mediocre and know who to try and who to avoid.

I am just happy to have broken the long line of not having any coffee from Black Oak Coffee. I am also happy to say that this and maybe the others are quite satisfying… 

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Kuma Coffee: Panama Carmen Geisha


Last year I got to experience A Panama Esmeralda Geisha that not only was Mark’s first geisha offering for Kuma Coffee, but one geisha I really enjoyed. It definitely made one of my favorite coffees of that year. 

Fast forward to 2014, Mark has another Geisha on hand from the same region, but this one happens to be from a different farm. Carlos Aguilera, the farmer behind this lot had planted some geisha coffee about 5-6 years ago and this is the first year that the trees were able to produce enough cherries to harvest which was about 500-600lbs. Mark bought 100lbs which has now unfortunately sold out.

Another cool tidbit is that this coffee placed 4th in the “Best of Panama 2014” competition. 

Let’s see what it has to offer.

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Passion House Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


It has been quite a few months since my last Passion House Coffee. I can’t believe it has been so long. Feels like just yesterday. Mostly I am just thankful that I have great coffee in the house, and more so happy to be enjoying coffee again.

Quick thanks though to the kind folks at Passion House Coffee for sending me a gracious package of coffee to review. 

The last two coffees I had from them left such a positive impression on me that I knew I needed to try more, but with all these up and coming roasters and old ones I have yet to try, some days it’s hard to keep up with everyone and all these great things happening. That’s beside the point though… 

First up is their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere. 

Quick spoiler: this is the kind of Ethiopian coffee that steals my heart.

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