Current #coffee on tap: @mistoboxcoffee and @madcapcoffee I store them in painted mason jars and use chalk paint. #nextlevel

Thanks for this great idea! I know what I’ll be doing this week… Painting mason jars.


Current #coffee on tap: @mistoboxcoffee and @madcapcoffee I store them in painted mason jars and use chalk paint. #nextlevel

Thanks for this great idea! I know what I’ll be doing this week… Painting mason jars.


Native Coffee Roasters: First Impressions


I’ve been eyeing Native Coffee Roasters for a while now waiting for the opportunity to try some of their coffee. The opportunity came up in the form of a “test kitchen” subscription.

For $50 I will be receiving at least (5) 8oz bags of any roasts that make it past the cupping table. 

Brian, the man behind Native Coffee Roasters has been roasting on a little 2 kilo drum roaster for a little over a year now. Needing to meet demands, he needed a larger roaster. He just bought a Probat P12, a 12 kilo roaster in and this is how we factor in. 

He has to break the new roaster in, so what better way to do this than to get others involved to help the process out along with getting feedback in the process?

Native Coffee Roasters is based out of a warehouse currently on the edge of Astoria in New York. I haven’t come across too many roasters out of New York which is something Brian is trying to change. 

Let’s welcome Native Coffee Roasters….


Beehouse Dripper:

While brewing, I found very prominent earthy tones like wet dirt, and heavy spice. The kind of aroma you’d expect from an Indonesian coffee.

Post brew, the coffee shows a different side. As I am smelling the coffee I am getting for one, a very mild aroma compared to the hefty aroma I was given from brewing. The aroma is sweet, with floral, and citrus tones. Every so often I get a touch of earthy coming through, but overall it seems like all that earthiness has left the coffee… Or has it?

The taste begins with a good weight on the tongue. Earthy, kind of like wet dirt after a rainstorm.  Creamy body, lightly sweet. A citrus play emerges underneath. Tastes like plums, perhaps. Light lemon acidity as cup cools.

Cup finishes with delicate chocolate and tobacco tones.


Clever Dripper:

Lighter bodied. More chocolate milk creamy compared to the Beehouse. Sweet, but not overly sweet. Has more citrus/fruit tones underneath the chocolate play.



Heavy bodied, thick chocolate. Really wild how the Aeropress has so far given me the heaviest mouthfeel of this coffee. Earthiness I detected in the Beehouse seems to be gone. Underneath the heavy body, a acidity begins to grow. A lemony acidity that just slowly gets a little bit more pronounced. Overall, thick chocolate.


Final Thoughts:

Reminds me a lot like some of the PNG’s I experienced a couple years ago when I first started this coffee adventure. Have not come across a PNG this earthy and this chocolate like in a long while. Let’s not forget this coffee is not all in your face always either. There are some beautiful fruit notes just waiting to be discovered. 

Really intrigued by Native Roasters so far. Curious to see what coffee is sent next in this “test kitchen” series.


Tanager Coffee: Aricha Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


This is the last of the Tanager coffee I was sent. The previous two were just wonderful. The Kiang’ombe Kabare, Kenya with notes of peaches, lemon and an almost always tea like play, and then the Aylele Yirgacheffe which boasted a tropical delight of zesty lime, pineapple, coconut, and vanilla tones.

All in all, I loved both those coffees and this one I will be talking about today is just as wonderful.

Introducing, Aricha Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia…


Info About This Coffee

Region: Aricha, Yirgacheffe

Farm/Farmer: 700 Small Holding Farmers in the Idido Valley micro-region

Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL

Varietal: Heirloom

Processing: Sun-dried, Natural



Woodneck Dripper: 24/336g • 203 degree water • Grind beans on medium fine side or #18 on Baratza Preciso • Pour in enough water to saturate • Start timer and let bloom for 30 seconds • Pulse pour for 2:00 • Finish around 3:00

From the moment you open the bag, this amazing and extremely intoxicating smell fills up your nose. Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, & creamy vanilla. Completely expected of a naturally processed coffee, but a smell of candied fruits that never grows old for me.

All through brewing it was just big burst of succulent candied fruit popping up at me. I felt like I was immersed in a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

After brewing the coffee’s aroma took a different turn.

I could still smell the candied fruit, but now it had mellowed down only giving off puffs of these fruits every so often. The aroma smelt sweet with a candied blueberry note 

The taste has a very beautiful light-medium acidity. It pops onto your tongue with lemon heads, watermelon jolly ranchers, peaches, and a mellow chocolate finish.

This particular coffee is not heavy on the tongue or overly sweet. Unlike some other naturally processed Ethiopian’s I’ve had in the past, this one is very light, very crisp, but still carries those sweet candied notes which just dances across your tongue briefly before leaving you with that clean, crisp finish.

Peach Liqueur, Strawberry and Chocolate Frosting ~ Tanager Coffee



I really enjoyed this coffee. I loved how it was sweet but also not overly sweet. It was clean, crisp, and has you begging for more.


You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.


Sweetbloom Coffee: Edlyna lot, Finca Vista Hermosa - Huehuetenango, Guatemala


Adding to the list of roasters I have yet to try is Colorado based roasters, Sweet Bloom Coffee. 

I heard about Sweet Bloom quite recently actually. As most of my findings go, I heard about them via Twitter. I was surprised to find I had never heard of these folks. Then again, there are so many roasting companies out there, it’s hard to keep track of everyone.

Run by Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom Coffee is a new chapter in Andy’s career. Andy has spent the last 10 years working in the Specialty Coffee Industry and was previously head roaster for Ceremony Coffee before starting this new adventure.

Feel free to read more about Andy and his company here…


Info About This Coffee

Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Farm/Farmer: Finca Vista Hermosa, Martinez family

Altitude: 4800-5850 feet

Varietal: mostly Bourbon with a little Caturra 

Processing: washed, fully sun dried



Beehouse Dripper: 24/338g  204 degree water  Grind beans on medium fine side or #18 on Baratza Preciso  Start timer, Pour in 50g of water  Bloom for 30 seconds  Pour in another 50g or so and let bloom again until timer reaches 1 minute  At 1 minute, slowly pour water in a nickel sized circle until water ratio is reached  Finish around 2:50

While brewing the aroma carried lemongrass, apple pie spices, a sweet graham cracker crust, and a thick peach syrup from canned peaches.

Digging deeper, I find myself smelling flower blossoms, honey, orange zest, a sugar cane sweetness, and chocolate.

Upon first taste an orange zest coats your tongue with a light, but creamy body. Underneath a chocolate wave flows over your tongue with a silkiness like freshly melted chocolate.

As coffee cools I find myself tasting lemongrass, delicate honey and light floral tones. The floral aspect of the coffee begins very mellow, almost hard to detect, but gradually comes to life bringing a wave of deliciousness. 

When the coffee begins to reach room temperature this is where more fruit tones like candied oranges and peaches come out to play. Delicious!

Clover blossom, candied orange, honey ~ Sweet Bloom Coffee



In the beginning this coffee was very delicate, very light, and dare I say no wow factor to it?! Now 9 days later I am changing my tune. 

This coffee is slow to develop in my opinion. I am finding it is now sprouting more than I smelt or even tasted in first few days of drinking it.

Never be quick to judge a coffee. 

Overall, wonderful brew. This Guatemala is yummy and became a wonderful first impression of Sweet Bloom Coffee. 


You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.



Hey! Drink Better Coffee.


Hey! Drink Better Coffee.


Heartbreak Coffee: Rwanda Tumba Cocatu


Heartbreak Coffee, "a testament to all things bitter a wonderful," the motto behind Heartbreak Coffee.

Less than six months ago, Gretchen Williams and her girlfriend Michelle Bandach started Heartbreak Coffee. Not realizing just how much their coffee adventure would grow, they would soon find out that they wouldn’t just be roasting for friends, family, and neighbors any longer. They now had a bigger crowd ahead of them.

After first seeing their packaging for their coffee on instagram, I knew I had to know more. I had to know who exactly was behind Heartbreak Coffee. 

I have a great deal of respect and love for home roasters so there was a certain amount of respect already there upon seeing that the girls behind Heartbreak were roasting on a then a manual HotTop roaster. Now armed with a bigger and better roaster, the girls are back from a short break and are ready to hit the ground running serving a bigger crowd. 

Up first to review is their Rwanda Tumba Cocatu and boy oh boy is it yummy.


Info About This Coffee

Region: Tumba, Rulindo

Farm/Farmer: Cocatu Coop 

Altitude: 1,820 to 2,100 m 

Varietal: Bourbon

Processing: Wet/Washed



Kalita Dripper: 24/350g • 205 degree water • Grind beans on medium side or #22 on Preciso • Pour in enough water to saturate • Start timer and let bloom for 30 seconds • Pulse pour for 2:00 • Drain for 30 seconds • Total time: 3:00

Honey aroma, herbal tea, mildly perfume-like.

Taste carries succulent honey, a juicy acidity like a fresh honeycrisp apple, and a vanilla wafer sweetness. Creamy body. Nice velvety mouthfeel. As cup begins to cool I taste strawberries and a slight almond nuttiness. 

Woodneck Dripper: 24/336g • 204 degree water • Grind beans on medium side or #20 on Preciso • Pour in enough water to saturate • Start timer and let bloom for 30 seconds • Pulse pour for 2:30 • Drain for 30 seconds • Total time: 3:30

Aroma is much more apple like carrying that same honeycrisp apple followed by slight herbal tones, and an almond nuttiness. Quite the present nuttiness too.

Taste carries a pronounced almond note, although it comes and goes quickly. After that I taste the same succulent honey that appeared in the Kalita followed by juicy nectarines and finishing off with some dark chocolate.

Blackberry - Dark Chocolate ~ Heartbreak Coffee



I feel like there is more to tell to this coffee, more than I have yet to scratch the surface on.

Overall, I really enjoyed what I smelt and tasted. I wish I had more of it and more time to really dive into it. For now, this is what I’ve gotten and I highly recommend you head over to their site and order this, or any of their offerings.

I heard that 12oz bags are to be expected in the future. So keep a look out for those wanting a larger quantity option.



Tanager Coffee Roasters: Aylele Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia


This is the now second coffee from Tanager Coffee. The first coffee was their Kiang’ombe Kabare, Kenya  and let me tell you, it was lovely. Didn’t get to play around with it in other methods because I kind of favored it a little, but that’s okay. Sad that it’s now sold out now. 

This second coffee I received from Tanager was a bit of a surprise. Wasn’t expecting to have two sample bags of their other two offerings sent along with the Kenya I had ordered. So big thanks for sending those over!

Now let’s get on this review of Aylele Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia…


Info About This Coffee

Region: Yirgacheffe

Farm/Farmer: Aylele

Altitude: 1900 masl

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried on Raised Beds



Kalita Dripper: 24/336g • 203 degree water • Grind beans on medium side or #20 on Preciso • Pour in enough water to saturate • Start timer and let bloom for 30 seconds • Pulse pour for 2:30 • Drain for 15 seconds • Total time: 3:15

Lime, pineapple-like sweetness. Delicate, tea play.

Delicate body, creamy with a tart, but zesty lime note. Pineapple sweetness in finish. 

Woodneck Dripper: 24/336g • 203 degree water • Grind beans on medium fine side or #18 on Preciso • Pour in enough water to saturate • Start timer and let bloom for 30 seconds • Pulse pour for 2:30 • Drain for 30 seconds • Total time: 3:30

Tropical feeling. Pineapple sweetness, coconut in the aroma. Vanilla cookies.

Tart, lime acidity, pineapple sweetness, creamy vanilla finish. Very refreshing with clean finish. Medium black tea play as cup begins to cool.

Refreshing Lemon-Lime, Black Tea and Tropical Fruit. ~ Tanager Coffee



Very true to tasting notes on bag. Not every day that I find myself agreeing to a “T” with the notes on the bag.

Didn’t feel like the coffee changed too much between the various brew methods. Each method seemed to have very subtle changes. Except the tea play which I didn’t pick up in the Kalita.

Overall, really enjoyed this offering from Tanager. Hell, I enjoyed all three coffees I got to try from them. 


You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.


Novel Coffee Roasters: Kilenso, Ethiopia


"Every Coffee Has a Story…"

And this story starts in the summer of 2013 from brothers-in-law’s Ryan Smith and Kevin Betts when Novel Coffee Roasters was born.

Before Novel started, both Ryan Smith and Kevin Betts were already roasting on their own coffee and doing their own home roasting adventures so it was only a matter of time before their worlds collided into one and they decided to take the plunge on going big.

When we finally started talking to each other about our endeavors, I was invited to enter Ryan’s “green room” – literally a spare bedroom piled high with over a hundred different green coffees. That’s when I realized that we had something special. We were both totally obsessed. Suddenly, not starting a roasting company seemed completely out of the question. ~ On starting Novel Coffee Roasters

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Novel Coffee Roasters has already begun the new year having been voted by a variety of baristas and customers as one of the top three roasters in Dallas. For a new company, that is pretty amazing to have under their belt already. 

I am more than excited right now to share this review with you. I have had Ethiopia Kilenso before in the past. It was from Coava Coffee and I enjoyed more than one bag of it on various occasions. It was THAT good!

This Kilenso is just a small lot of the larger lot they have coming in. While the majority of this coffee is coming by cargo ship, Novel Coffee couldn’t help themselves and had a small quantity of it brought by plane. I guess they couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

And I think I know why…


Info About This Coffee

Region: Kilenso Mokonissa, Sidama, Ethiopia

Farm/Farmer: Various small farmers 

Altitude: 1750-1900m 

Varietal: Heirloom 

Processing: Sundried Natural



Beehouse Dripper: 24/336.6g • 204 degree water • Grind beans on medium side or #18 on Preciso • Start timer and pour in 50g of water • Bloom for 30 seconds • Pour another 50g of water and bloom again until 1 minute is reached • At 1 minute slowly pour water in a nickel sized circle until desired water ratio is met • Total time around 3:25

Aroma begins delicate, slowly emerging into a fruit bomb. A wave of berries hits your nose. First blackberries then strawberries, and then an odd but familiar scent hits you… The coffee kind of smells like bubblegum. The good stuff too. The pink yummy bubble gum you tore off in foot long strips.

As I dive into the coffee a little more, I detect ever so slight floral note in the cup, but mostly it’s all berry bomb. I find myself noticing this coffee has a wine like appeal to it, minus the bubblegum part.

Upon first taste, a nice silky sweet chocolate note with an underlying buttery feel hits my tongue. In the finish I taste light berry notes. 

As the cup cools it becomes more of what I’ve come to expect. Wine-like. Berries all around. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and even hints of cherries. It’s starting to feel quite jam like.

Now, where’s the toast?



Comparing Coava and Novel for a second here. I find Coava’s to have been very in your face candied fruits, while this one from Novel kind of mirrors the one from Coava ever so slightly but it also is very beautiful in its own way. Sometimes delicate, sometimes not.

I did try some other methods with this coffee that was not posted and found it seemed to do well in a variety of brew methods and aged quite well too. Still have a small amount left and still carries a fruit bombshell every time you open the bag.

Overall, great introduction to a new company.

Every coffee has a story, and this one tells something wonderful. Great job, guys!


You can read more about this coffee and purchase here.


New Email Address

Hi guys!

Quick update here — I have a new email address for you to reach me at. 

I decided I’d rather just go to gmail for an account versus paying to keep my old one. I apologize for the move…

My new email is now:

Feel free to email me for all your coffee chat and other coffee related needs.


Meet The Beehouse Dripper, My New Friend…


So I recently purchased a beehouse dripper…

The Kalita filters are expensive, and right now not in my budget to keep purchasing. I needed a pour over method that produces equal and/or better results when comparing to the Kalita. And this is where the beehouse comes into play.

I have been playing around with some of my old Kalita recipes in the beehouse and have been quite satisfied with the results. So far I have noticed this brewing device is very forgiving. Especially for those times when I am just not quite awake, or quite frankly, when my attention is not completely focused on the coffee at hand.

I’ve been looking to expand my recipes and to experiment more with various grind sizes and such.  

I am looking to any beehouse users out there to comment below or shoot me a tweet on Twitter, @CoffeeAdventure and let me know your recipes.